McCord & Associates Claim Management


New Loss Reporting

Claims can be reported by e-mail, fax, phone or on-line. We can provide 24/7 response for emergency situations.

Salvage & Subrogation

We identify and pursue all sources of potential recovery, including salvage, subrogation, deductibles, and SIR funds.  We recognize that collecting everything that’s legitimately due from other parties can make the difference in a successful program.


Information Systems

We capture all necessary claim data in real time, including information customized to our clients' needs. We can provide clients online access to their claim data at any time.


We work directly with clients as well as outside service providers to identify, investigate and report suspicious or fraudulent claim activity.

Data Reporting

Reports including claim data, claim bordereau, loss runs and others can be provided in standard formats or customized to meet your needs.

Quality Control

Our internal quality control measures include direct claim supervision, routine claim reviews, designated authority levels, and regularly scheduled random file audits, helping to assure that claims are handled in compliance with specified guidelines and procedures.


Loss Fund Management

We can maintain and manage loss funds, and issue claim payments, including electronic payment records, balancing and reconciliation.

Other Services

Among the various other services we can provide are reporting to reinsurers, excess carriers, and others; availability for client claim reviews or outside claim audits; appropriately responding to and recording regulatory inquiries or complaints; and more.  Just let us know what we can do to help your program be successful.

Litigation Management

We have in-house litigation specialists and have developed a national network of defense and coverage attorneys specializing in transportation claims, along with experts, investigators, and other resources that may be needed.  We have expertise in attending meditations, settlement conferences, and trials as necessary.

Quality Claim Handling

Perhaps more important than all the rest, we provide expert and knowledgeable claim handling, with professional, experienced staff, solid systems, and proven processes.