McCord & Associates Claim Management


Motor Truck Cargo

We understand shipping and cargo claims, along with shipping documents and contract provisions, and the various elements that can affect responsibility for freight damage.  We know that timely & appropriate handling can prevent a routine O,S,& D incident from deteriorating into a full blown cargo claim.  We know the Carmack Amendment and COGSA, and how they can affect motor carrier responsibility for damage to goods being shipped.  We recognize the importance of the changing food product safety regulations and guidelines, and how they can have an impact on freight operations.


We understand the unique issues that can be involved with specific types of cargo, whether it be general freight, refrigerated and temperature controlled, fresh produce and other perishable commodities, LTL, livestock, flatbeds, tanker operations, auto transport, tow trucks, household goods.  We’re also familiar with specialized risks such as pharmaceuticals, bank and financial couriers, city delivery, etc. 


We’ve also worked with various cargo policies and coverages, and their sometimes distinctive provisions, limitations, and scope.  We have handled Contingent Cargo coverage, as well as other Inland Marine, Warehouse, and Storage coverages. 


We’ve handled claims and programs for motor carriers, shippers, brokers, 3PL’s, and others involved in the process, and such diverse freight as wind turbines, locomotives, giant construction cranes, oilfield drilling equipment, and more.